Cairo Camo Jacket at Firmament

Cairo Camo Jacket by Heimplanet and polychromelab at Firmament

On 23rd April the curtains opend unveiling Cairo Camo Jacket – a collaboration of polychromelab and Heimplanet – at Firmament Berlin Store to press and invited guests. The new Cairo Camo jacket is matching tents by Heimplanet, which are printed with this camouflage pattern. Here’s Cairo Camo jacket on the blog of Firmament Berlin.

Cairo Camo goes wild camping

Cairo Camo pattern is a special engineered camouflage pattern for tents. Inspired by traditional Arabic culture this pattern consists of geometric figures, that combined with the right colours simulates three-dimensional, tectonic structures if view form distances.

Geometric pattern creates a Fata Morgana

Heimplanet’s goal: this way Heimplanet gives its innovative tents with Cairo Camo not only a modern design, but also protection at wild camping in nature.

Camping with Heimplanet Cairo Camo tents

Act like an astronaut with Cairo Camo Jacket

Going on a great camping trip at the sea one needs more than a camouflaged tent. This is why Heimplanet teamed up with polychromelab and created an highly functional and modern designed reversible jacket. Cairo Camo Jacket offers a dark-coloured camouflage side, which absorbs 95% of UV-rays of the sun to warm the wearer activly.

Warming camouflage side of the reversible jacket

The secound side is silver-coloured. If someone wants to go to the desert and act like an astronaut wearing the jacket that way, he might have the right flair with camping equipment by Heimplanet, but he must not forget about the functional principle of Cairo Camo Jacket. The silver side reflects 30% of UV-rays and is 6 degrees cooler than the printed side. This way the 300 grams light reversible jacket adjusts the wearer at regulating and stabilizing temperature inside the jacket acitvly.

Cooling side of Cairo Camo Jacket at Firmament

By the way: get all information about the innovative reversible jacket by Heimplanet and polychromelab under #CairoCamo! If you want to learn more about reversible jackets by polychromelab, so visit our polychromelab concept store.

Launch Heimplanet Cairo Camo

Heimplanet Cairo Camo Launch at Firmament with polychromelab

Inspired by a traditional Arabic pattern Heimplanet engineers Cairo Camo. Heimplanet Cairo Camo is not only used for tents by Heimplanet, but also for a hybrid jacket by polychromelab. This fabric manufactured by polychromelab is something really special and unique. But, what exactly the secret is, we’ll reveal not until the launch at Firmament in Berlin on April 23. By now, there’re some information on the collaboration out of Heimplanet Cairo Camo press release.

Heimplanet presents Cairo Camo Collection and world’s first printed Hybrid Jacket

Coming up this spring inflatable tents The Cave, Nias and Fistral by Heimplanet will be available printed with the exclusive Cairo Camo-pattern. This camouflage pattern engineered by Heimplanet will lower the chances of beeing spotted at wild camping. This camouflage pattern is called Cairo Camo. It’s a geometric pattern one can find in the traditional Arabic region. This special geometry and colouration create an unique effect: colour shades cause through the pattern seemingly three-dimensional objects. Observed from greater distance a delusion of tectonic structures that merge with the landscape is formed.

The presentation of Heimplanet Cairo Camo will be topped with a stricly limited hybrid jacket that was designed in collaboration with polychromelab. This jacket will be presented in Cairo Camo-modell and is world’s first printed hybrid jacket. Cairo Camo hybridjacket and Cairo Camo tents will be displayed to public first at launching event at Firmament in Berlin on April 23 to press and invited guests.

Specialities of Cairo Camo Hybrid Reversible Jacket

Cairo Camo hybrid-jacket is a reversible jacket made of a 3 layer laminate fabric. It is waterproof, highly stretchable, breathable and heat-insulating. This heat-insulating functionality of the membrane is groundbreaking and is based on a innovation of Tyrolean startup polychromelab from Innsbruck. Dark-coloured Cairo Camo side of the jacket absorbs 95% of UV rays and warms the wearer actively. The jacket’s silver-coloured side reflects 30% of UV rays and creates accordingly a cooling effect. This way of active temperature regulation on basis of physical laws is revolutionary. Polychromelab has run in engineering phase of Cairo Camo hybrid-jacket multiple test in their own high altitude alpine laboratory on 2610 meters to validate extreme weather capability. The jacket’s design was developed and polychromelab manufactures Cairo Camo hybrid jackets in Northern Italy. Additionally this piece uses no toxic PFCs and leaves a carbon footprint of 850 km only. This light-weight jacket of 300 gramms (size S) will be available in sizes S, M, L, XL and 2XL on April 23. in limited number of pieces at Firmament Berlin and Heimplanet’s Onlineshop for 850€.