Startups from Tyrol capture the world

Tiroler Tageszeitunng about Startup polychromelab

A few days ago the Austrian newspaper Tiroler Tageszeitung published an article about chances for startups from Tyrol to become more famous. In this context they mentioned polychromelab as an example – which makes us very proud. Here’s the article about startups from Tyrol:

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Chances for Startups from Tyrol to Become Famous

This article inspired us to compose a short list of which programmes were most helpful for polychromelab as a startup company from Tyrol:

Let’s start with the startup show 2 Minutes 2 Millions on channel Puls 4. Polychromelab hasn’t gained financial support from this TV show, but we learned one or two things. It was the first time of a broader public appearence on television, so we learned how to present key elements of the company. Anyway, Puls 4 made a great image video for us.

In Austria there is financial support from AWS for small business as well. Startups from Tyrol could apply themselves and with some luck and a solid performance they gain financial support for their label. More about polychromelab’s experiences with AWS here.

On local scale the Tyrolean Innovation Award was the most exciting one. There were various categories, in which startups from Tyrol compete against each other. On the day of the price-giving ceremony of Tyrolean Innovation Award 2014 in Innsbruck the presentation of image videos of the participating startups impressed us most.

In conclusion, there are many opportunities and chances, many challenges, a startup must stick to its guns, but in the end there is the chance that you become the prime example out of startups from Tyrol to be presented at Standortlounge in Vienna. More on this here.

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Launch Heimplanet Cairo Camo

Heimplanet Cairo Camo Launch at Firmament with polychromelab

Inspired by a traditional Arabic pattern Heimplanet engineers Cairo Camo. Heimplanet Cairo Camo is not only used for tents by Heimplanet, but also for a hybrid jacket by polychromelab. This fabric manufactured by polychromelab is something really special and unique. But, what exactly the secret is, we’ll reveal not until the launch at Firmament in Berlin on April 23. By now, there’re some information on the collaboration out of Heimplanet Cairo Camo press release.

Heimplanet presents Cairo Camo Collection and world’s first printed Hybrid Jacket

Coming up this spring inflatable tents The Cave, Nias and Fistral by Heimplanet will be available printed with the exclusive Cairo Camo-pattern. This camouflage pattern engineered by Heimplanet will lower the chances of beeing spotted at wild camping. This camouflage pattern is called Cairo Camo. It’s a geometric pattern one can find in the traditional Arabic region. This special geometry and colouration create an unique effect: colour shades cause through the pattern seemingly three-dimensional objects. Observed from greater distance a delusion of tectonic structures that merge with the landscape is formed.

The presentation of Heimplanet Cairo Camo will be topped with a stricly limited hybrid jacket that was designed in collaboration with polychromelab. This jacket will be presented in Cairo Camo-modell and is world’s first printed hybrid jacket. Cairo Camo hybridjacket and Cairo Camo tents will be displayed to public first at launching event at Firmament in Berlin on April 23 to press and invited guests.

Specialities of Cairo Camo Hybrid Reversible Jacket

Cairo Camo hybrid-jacket is a reversible jacket made of a 3 layer laminate fabric. It is waterproof, highly stretchable, breathable and heat-insulating. This heat-insulating functionality of the membrane is groundbreaking and is based on a innovation of Tyrolean startup polychromelab from Innsbruck. Dark-coloured Cairo Camo side of the jacket absorbs 95% of UV rays and warms the wearer actively. The jacket’s silver-coloured side reflects 30% of UV rays and creates accordingly a cooling effect. This way of active temperature regulation on basis of physical laws is revolutionary. Polychromelab has run in engineering phase of Cairo Camo hybrid-jacket multiple test in their own high altitude alpine laboratory on 2610 meters to validate extreme weather capability. The jacket’s design was developed and polychromelab manufactures Cairo Camo hybrid jackets in Northern Italy. Additionally this piece uses no toxic PFCs and leaves a carbon footprint of 850 km only. This light-weight jacket of 300 gramms (size S) will be available in sizes S, M, L, XL and 2XL on April 23. in limited number of pieces at Firmament Berlin and Heimplanet’s Onlineshop for 850€.

Spot Magazine Jacket Launch

About our Spot Magazine Jacket – What is Special?

The Swiss outdoor journal Spot Magazine introduces from time to time interesting routes, places and equipment trends. This time in the repository: Roccia Rossa sports jacket by polychromelab.

You can have a look on our designer jacket on Spot Magazine Online: Spot-Magazine-Jacket-polychromelab-Repository

This is why we were chosen: Many manufacturers engineer their jackets in an office on computers and start testing the first time, when products are allready in series production. We try to test our prototypes in various stress tests to eliminate shortcomings early. Furthermore we manufacture in Northern Italy to make transport and communication distances as short as possible. An additional sustainable aspect is an ecofriendly PFC-free finishing by HeiQ Barrier Eco to make our sports jackets waterproof.

Here is the post in Spot MagazineSpot-Magazine-Jacket-polychromelab-Roccia-Rossa

Putting emphasis on functionality modern design means a lot to us: The Roccia Rossa designer jacket is an uncompromising fusion of style and functionality. More about this topic in our jackets onlineshop.


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Thomas Rottenberg about recommended Outdoor Jackets

Newspaper Article about recommended Outdoor Jackets

Thomas Rottenberg writes for various blogs and amongst others for the Austrian newspaper Der Standard. The passionate outdoor sports journalist presents every week some outdoor gadgets, which are essential for sports, fun and all other outdoor activities. On February 1st 2015 he gave his feedback about Alta Quota outdoor jacket by polychromelab.

“I admit: I don’t want to return this jacket.”

This is how Thomas Rottenberg introduces his article about recommended outdoor jackets. In this review he talks about, what jackets manufacturers promise and what outdoor jackets are capable of in the end. However, for a jackets manufacturer it is difficult to inform customers about the capabilities of their jackets the right way. So it is really helpful when an experienced journalist spontaneously does this job: in his feedback Thomas Rottenberg gives a statement about recommended outdoor jackets and compares our product information with his experiences with wearing the Alta Quota outdoor jacket on a skitour in Davos.

Here you can read the full review in Der Standard: Thomas-Rottenberg-outdoor-with-Alta-Quota-polychromelab

And if you want to know more about his skitour, here you will be convinced to buy a hightech outdoor jacket: Gute-Energie-Jacket-that-warms-cools-impresses

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Outdoor-Blog about textile research

Outdoor-Blog Hochbewegt writes about polychromelab’s textile research in Tyrol

And again we’ve found a interesting media posting about polychromelab. Thanks to the outdoor-blog Hochbewegt, which is writing a thrilling report about our textile research in the Tyrolean Alps. You’ll find the full article about applied textile research here.

“The Tyrolean startup company polychromelab tragets placing the outdoor apparel of the future on the market.”

And this is exactly what we stand for. With our outdoor research in our alpine lab polychromelab 2610 we’d like to realise an alpine seal of approval for textiles and apparel in near future. The so called Alpine Proof distinguishes products, which were put to the acid test under real weather conditions in the Tyrolean Alps. The goal to achieve is to install a seal of approval for highly qualitative textiles, which, tested under real conditions, will keep their promisses.

Stay tuned and we’ll tell you all about the progress of our textile research in the Tyrolean Alps.

This is the way to the official textile lab profile on Facebook of polychromelab:

Cool Hunting | News from New York

Trend Magazine Cool Hunting about polychromelab Innovative Jackets

Are you hunting for trends? They’ve got one!

Famous trend magazine Cool Hunting caught the revolutionary jacket by polychromelab, they first thought. But at the second glimpse this innovative jacket was coloured differently. How’s that possible, they asked and that’s why Cool Hunting is writing about polychromelab’s Roccia Rossa reversible jacket.

Roccia Rossa is a designer reversible jacket, which is developed with a hybrid purpose. Design jackets aren’t always as robust and functional, for example waterproof, as they should be. So designer Michele Stinco developed a truely fashion jacket with outdoor functionality. You wonder how this is working? Well, the exact technology is our secret, but we’re give you a hint: we used a ceramic membrane, which is both breathable and waterproof.

Here’s more about Roccia Rossa designer jacket in our webshop.

Here’s the article in Cool Hunting magazine online:

Cool Hunting reversible Jacket polychromelab

The Cave

Article from


… das aufblasbare Dreimann-Zelt

THE CAVE trotzt Orkan und hält im polychromelab_2610-Test Windgeschwindigkeiten von bis zu 277 km/h stand.

Die beiden Geschäftsführer Stefan Clauss und Stefan Schulze  Dieckhoff von Heimplanet waren genauso begeistert von den  Testergebnissen wie polychromelab-Gründer und Designer Michele Stinco. Im Test-Center von polychromelab_2610 in den Tuxer Alpen auf dem Glungezer Gipfel in 2.610 Metern Höhe, wurde im Zeitraum zwischen dem 21. und 28. Dezember 2013 getestet, welchen extremen Wetterverhältnissen THE CAVE, das aufblasbare Dreimannzelt von Heimplanet, stand hält. THE CAVE stand noch, nachdem es Windgeschwindigkeiten von 277 Stundenkilometern ausgesetzt war. Da staunte sogar der Hüttenwirt: „Ich habe schon viel gesehen in meinem Leben in den Bergen, aber was dieses Zelt aushält ist toll – jede Zeltstange wäre schon bei 150km/h  Windgeschwindigkeit gebrochen“. Die aufblasbaren Luftkammern von THE CAVE dienen als Rahmen und haben den Vorteil, dass sie bei starkem Wind wesentlich stabiler sind als die Aluminiumstangen gewöhnlicher Zelte.

Auch Michele Stinco, Gründer von polychromelab, Betreiber des Hochgebirgslabors polychromelab_2610 und in diesem Fall Testleiter ist begeistert von THE CAVE: „Was mich sehr beeindruckt hat, ist die Finesse der Detaillösungen und die Tatsache, wie sich das Zelt bei Orkan verhält. Mit einem Zelt dieser Qualität kann man sehr vertrauensvoll im Hochgebirge übernachten, Sommer wie Winter“.

Heimplanet steht für Premiumqualität und verarbeitet ausschließlich besonders strapazierfähige Materialien. Den Rahmen von THE CAVE, das IDG (Inflatable Diamond Grid), bilden 5 doppelwandige Luftkammern aus Polyester und thermoplastischen Polyurethan-Folien (TPU), die auf dem geodätischen Prinzip basieren. Diese Konstruktion, die zum Patent angemeldet wurde, macht das Zelt „THE CAVE“ flexibel und gleichzeitig stabil. An dieser, der Molekularstruktur eines Diamanten  nachempfundenen, aufblasbaren Gitterstruktur sind Innenzelt und Außenzelt eingehängt. Das Zelt wiegt knapp 5 Kilo und ist nach nicht mal 60 Sekunden aufgeblasen und einsatzfähig.

Marken-­ und Unternehmensinformationen zu Heimplanet:
Vor genau drei Jahren, im Januar 2011 stellten die beiden passionierten Surfer,  Freunde und Jungunternehmer Stefan Clauss und Stefan Schulze Dieckhoff aus Hamburg ihr erstes Produkt auf der ISPO brand new vor:
das aufblasbare, geodätische Zelt „THE CAVE“.
Dafür haben sie viel Anerkennung und Aufmerksamkeit  erhalten und  im Oktober 2012 haben sie den Designpreis der  Bundesrepublik in Gold gewonnen.
Die beiden Gründer haben es sich zum Ziel gesetzt, die bestmögliche Reiseausrüstung zu entwickeln und dabei die Funktionalität von Outdoor-­Produkten mit einem innovativen Design zu verbinden:
Ein Konzept, das Heimplanet “Outdoor Lifestyle“nennt.
Mehr Informationen finden Sie unter: