News about Innovation Startup in textiles sector

Small companies sustain innovation

The austrian newspaper Wirtschaftsblatt Österreich writes about the story of founding of the Tyrolean startup polychromelab. To go into business yourself and found a company means a huge risk to everybody, who decides to do so. Especially the first five years are the hardest. One has to learn a lot about it and to be flexible. And above all in Austria one has to bring along innovation. Innovation makes products unique and only innovative, unique products stand a chance to come out on top.

“In the USA they know that small companies sustain innovation.” – Christoph Holz, visualyze GmbH

Polychromelab is a small company and for that we are very proud about this article in the WirtschaftsBlatt. Here you find the article about the innovation startup polychromelabGründer-würden-es-wieder-tun.

More about the topic innovation in the textile sector you’ll get here: Alpbach-Forum-Alpine-Proof. The idea behind Alpine Proof is to realise an alpine seal of approval for outdoor gear, that labels qualitive products, which are tested in the Tyrolean Alps.

polychromelab concept store

Photo Credit: Florian Rainer

Lechtal-Blog about our hiking jacket

Happy customers write about experiences with hiking jacket

It is always great to get a feedback, but this report makes us especially happy: Two contented customers honored us with a report on their website and tell about their experiences with the polychromelab Alta Quota reversible jacket, which they use as an ideal hiking jacket.

“That at a trek through the Alps requests good equipment is natural. Hopefully – everybody immediatedly thinks about appropriate shoes and protective gear is also well known prompt. But a suitable jacket is often a problem: Warm! Waterproof! Light! Windproof! Strechtable! A lot of demands that exclude itselves sometimes.”

But apparently our light 3layer fabric synthesises this contrary demands. If you are curious about it now, what happy customers can tell about an outdoor jacket for men and women, then read about the review here: report-experience-with-hiking-jacket.

Conclusively, here is an Outdoor picture, how the Alta Quota hiking jacket looks like, worn outside in nature.

polychromelab concept store

Roccia Rossa reversible jacket Gadget Man

Polychromelab designer jacket on Channel 4 Gadget Man

Yesterday Richard Ayoade has worn the polychromelab Roccia Rossa reversible jacket on Gadget Man. To all intends and purposes the jacket was versatile and persuaded with modern design.

More information, in which episode of Gadget Man polychromelab is shown, you can find here.

Yesterday in The Staycation

Here is the video to our Roccia Rossa reversible jacket. Enjoy the the show!

Jacket Gadget Man TV SHOW IN GBR from polychromelab on Vimeo.

The polychromelab reversible jacket, tested by Gadget Man, is available in our polychromelab concept store.

And finally some photos of the TV show with Richard Ayoade.

Polychromelab on Channel 4 Gadget Man

Channel 4 Gadget Man presents Roccia Rossa designer jacket

On monday the 8th september at 20:30 Channel 4 broadcasts the third episode of Gadget Man. Here is the link to the television programming schedule: Channel4-Gadget-Man-jacket.

Gadget Man is an interesting TV show of the british Channel 4 and we are happy that they will present the Roccia Rossa designer jacket. We don’t know yet which tests our jacket has to stand. So let’s see how well the reversible jacket suits as a Gadget Man jacket.

What is Gadget Man?

This is how Channel for describes the show: Richard Ayoade welcomes viewers to the world of gadgets and new technology – covering everything from the everyday to the extraordinary. In the third episode The Staycation Richard visits a tinie caravan and needs usefull gadgets that are not that spacious.

So watch the show and tell your friends about it. More information on Gadget Man you’ll find here.

polychromelab concept store

Kronen Zeitung about Alpine Proof Jackets

The austrian newpaper Krone writes an article about the european technology Forum Alpbach, together with Standortagentur Tirol the project Alpine Proof was discussed. Polychromelab does applied textile research to bring Alpine Proof Jackets on the market which are scientifically proven under real outdoor conditions.

Here is the full article in Kronen Zeitung:


If you want to know, how our work in the alpine textile research lab polychromelab 2610 on the Glungezer in Tyrol looks like, here are some impressions. Photo Credit: Florian Rainer / polychromelab.

Land der Berge – Ausrüstungstrend

Die polychromelab Roccia Rossa Sport / Lifestyle Jacke ist im Magazin Land der Berge. Offenbar ist das umweltfreundliche Material bestens für Outdoor Aktivitäten geeignet. Mit dem modischen Design ist die Roccia Rossa ein Ausrüstungstrend.

Tiroler Textil – umweltfreundlich, modisch, top

Hier ist der Auszug aus Land der Berge:

Am Anfang war die Idee: Es muss kein Großkonzern mit Fertigung in Asien sein. Und trotzdem soll ein vollkommen neues Material mit überragender Funktionalität für Bekleidung entwickelt werden. Im Jahr 2010 nimmt der Gedanke des Designers Michele Stinco mit dem Projekt „PolychromeLAB“ konkrete Gestalt an: Mit der Uni Innsbruck und weiteren Kooperationspartnern wird ein Drei- Lagen-Laminat, das 98 % sichtbares UV absorbieren oder 28 % sichtbares UV reflektieren kann. Es wärmt also durch Lichtabsorption und kühlt durch Lichtreflexion. Innen wird zu Außen – je nach Bedarf. Getestet wurde das Material hinsichtlich seiner UV-Belastbarkeit und Wasserdichtheit seit dem Herbst 2012 im Forschungszentrum am Glungezer in den Tuxer Alpen. Die erste selbst konfektionierte Wendejacke von PolychromeLAB, die „Alta Quota“, war zu Testzwecken 8.000 Stunden an der Forschungsstation fixiert. Produziert wird diese Jacke genauso wie das zweite Modell, die „Roccia Rossa“, zu 100 Prozent in Italien. Von dort kommen auch die Komponenten, Stoffe und Zusätze, die Konfektion fertigt ein kleiner Familienbetrieb in Turin. Denn eine bestmögliche CO2-Bilanz ist den Tüftlern von PolychromeLAB genauso wichtig wie die Top-Performance des Produkts.

Land der Berge Ausrüstungstrend

Wandersü about Roccia Rossa designer jacket

The online-platform writes about the Roccia Rossa Designer Jacket with new colours and new style. The groundbreaking 3layer reversible fabric warms on the blue side and cools on the bronze side and one is always dressed well.

Read the full article at:

polychromelab concept store

NZZ cycling trends PEdALED

NZZ Neue Zürcher Zeitung visits the Outdoor Exhibition 2014 in Friedrichshafen and reports about the latest trends in the section cycling and bikes. This year’s focus is on the sythesis of functionality and design. The japanese designer Hideto Suzuki creates a wonderful compositum with his PEdALED Lab jacket for cycling. The 3layer fabric by polychromelab offers best functionality and is easy to work with.

Read the full article to the latest cycling trends on:


Sport+Mode interviews Michele Stinco

The journal SpoMo Sport+Mode has heard from polychromelab because of the innovative way of product development. In the interview with Michele Stinco Viktoria Will presents the story of polychromelab and its alpine scientific research laboratory on the Glungezer in Tyrol.

Read the full interview in SpoMo Sport+Mode: Sport+Mode SpoMo Interview Michele Stinco polychromelab

Cycle EXIF visits PEdALED

The online Bike Blog Cycle EXIF visits the PEdALED Store in London. Next to nice designs for everything concerning cycling there is the new polychromelab reversible fabric PEdALED cycling jacket. You can read the story of the visit on Cycle EXIF: