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The ISPO Brandnew 2015 Magazine

This is how a Workingday of the Jury of ISPO Brandnew 2015 looks like

“They have all been in exactly the same situation: a panel observed their product, their brand and decided that they can present themselves at ISPO Munich as one of the best startups of the sports business. Now they had the same task. Almost all the ISPO Brandnew jury members were founding members of former ISPO Brandnew winners and finalists. From their own experiences they know exactly what is of importance. Here they tell us about their highlights and impressions.”ISPO Brandnew 2015 Magazine

Designer Michele Stinco (winner 2012) was a jury member of ISPO Brandnew 2015 too: “I believe that true innovation solely starts in small pieces. Craftsmanship and imagination are the base for groundbreaking inventions and good design of the present and past.”

Here you’ll learn about how a day as a jury member of ISPO Brandnew 2015 award is like. Besides, Brandnew Magazine has written a story of success about polychromelab from 2012 til today. So have a look on it and get to know the work of jury members of ISPO Brandnew:

ISPO Brandnew 2015 Jury and Story of polychromelab

Here is ISPO ontour’s video of the impressions at the ISPO Brandnew award jury meeting: this is what the other members say about this prestigious award for startups.


If you want the read more of Brandnew Magazine, here you can read about polychromelab / Schoeffel-project and learn about what gear alpine racing skiers Marcel Hirscher and Anna Fenninger are wearing: polychromelab goes racing

Inventor of Trend Jacket Alta Quota

Michele Stinco becomes ISPO Brandnew Jury Member

For 15 years now Michele Stinco is collecting professional experience as designer and extreme athlete at testing outdoor gear. In 2010 he started the project polychrome hybrid jacket, which was able to win various awards in the branch, like the ISPO Brandnew Award for innovation and setting new trends in apparel sector. In 2015 Michele Stinco was nominated for jury member of ISPO Brandnew Award 2015: more about it on the official site of ISPO Munich.

From Trend Jacket Alta Quota to experienced CEO of a Startup

In 2010 project polychrome hybrid jacket started with a first concept. It took long time to create out of a prototype an ultimate trend jacket, which cools on side and warms on the other. Here you can read more about what the american trend blog Cool Hunting is writing on polychromelab Alta Quota jacket.

Getting some financial support and winning awards startup polychromelab ltd. was founded in 2012. By now trend jacket Alta Quota isn’t the only product available no more: you can buy different reversible jackets for men and women, accessories like shoulder bags or cell phone cases or a reversible ski overall in the polychromelab Webshop online.

polychromelab concept store

Stay tuned, next week we’ll post or resumee of ISPO Brandnew Award 2015 in this blog. Meanwhile you can join the discussion at #ispobrandnew on Twitter. Or follow Michele Stinco on Google+.

Alpine Jackets Video at Innovation Award Tirol

Alpine Jackets Video: how alpine jackets by polychromelab work

in 2014 Alpine Jackets by polychromelab were nominated for the Innovation Award Tyrol in the category best concept. Unfortunately we couldn’t win against very professional competition at this year’s prize-wining ceremony. But on the occasion of being nominee the filmteam Fancytreefilms made a video explaining our functional alpine jackets.

Enjoy the alpine jackets video! The concept truely is an innovation, thanks to Fancytreefilms!

Functional Alpine Jackets by polychromelab – Innovation Award Tyrol 2014 from polychromelab on Youtube

If you’re interested in our alpine reversible jackets for men and women, visit our Webshop. All information about our woman’s and man’s alpine jackets you’ll find here.

polychromelab concept store

AWS supports hybrid outdoorjackets

The AWS supports hybrid outdoorjackets by polychromelab

AWS supports multifunctional hybrid outdoorjackets by polychromelab for three years already. Here what AWS has to say about polychromelab outdoorjackets:

Impulse XS supported fabric, realised as a reversible jacket, absorbs warmth, reflects warmth by reversing the jacket. Best protection at sports or work. What else? New usabilities and fabric combinations will be explored. Cool/Hot?

The business concept is based on the product development of a fabric, visaualised and realised as a hybrid outdoorjacket, which received financial support by impulse XS in 2011. The unique selling proposition of the jacket is the polychrome-laminat fabric. The jacket is able to absorb warmth through textile physics and reflect warmth by applied physics and adapts itself easily to every weather condition by turning inside out. These features are the optimal preconditions for manufacturing a fabric with a ceramic membrane as sports apparel and work protection apparel. Through an intelligent composition of fabric, inside and membrane in combination with different textiles emerge many undeveloped possibilities of application and production of different types of jackets. This two temperature zones based system is waterproof, highly breathable, windproof, stylish and sustainable conceptualized. A wide range of use will be explored in near future, more fabrics will be developed. This concept makes the way for a whole new types of jackets.

More information about the Statement of the AWS and the story of polychromelab you’ll find here: AWS-hybrid-Outdoorjackets-Startup.

The multifunctional hybrid outdoorjackets by polychromelab are available in polychromelab concept store.

Nominee for Innovation Award 2014 Tyrol

WKO Tirol nominates polychromelab as best concept

Every year the Innovation Award Tyrol hosted by the Federal Chamber for economics Tyrol gets confered. This award honors creative and innovative companies from Tyrol, which managed to place modern products or attendances on the market. Here is an overview of this year’s Innovation Award: WKO-Innovation-Award-Tyrol-2014.

This year polychromelab takes part the second time. In the category for the best concept polychromelab’s new fabric in blue / bronze competes against other companies from Tyrol. The new reversible layer is able to warm on the blue side the wearer through physics without any toxic PFCs and – when reversed to the other side – to cool body temperature down on the bronze side. Eco-friendliness, Innovation and Design play a huge roll for decision of the jury. Get an idea of the innovative Roccia Rossa reversible jacket yourself in our Onlineshop!

On Wednessday 15th Oktober 2014 the Innovation Award gets confered in the Landhaus at the Eduard-Wallnöfer-Platz in Innsbruck. Here some more information about the other categories of this year’s prize-giving ceremony: WKO-Innovation-Award-Overview.

Making of the video for the Innovation Award

On the occasion of the prize-giving ceremony a promotional video of polychromelab reversible jackets was made. You can watch the promotional video primal on 15th Oktober, but we can present the pictures of the Making Of. Here is the gallery of the film shooting with Fancytreefilms in our office in Mustergasse 5, Hall in Tirol.

Cycling jacket exhibited on Eurobike Friedrichshafen

Pedaled cycling jacket wins Eurobike Award 2014

It was more than one year ago when Pedaled and polychromelab decided to design a cycling jacket, which stands out as a real functional jacket. There was hard work to do to create an awarded jacket, because demands on functional jackets in the bicycling branch are high.

Using the unique reversible fabric by polychromelab one can conceptualize a reversible jacket which can cool body temperature down on one side and – reversed to the other side – is able to warm. The fabric is highly breathable and additionally a 100% windproof and waterproof – so the reversible fabric is the best requirement for a high-tech cycling jacket.

The japanese designer Hideto Suzuki started to design a functional designer cycling jacket with the reversible fabric. For his effort he wins the Eurobike Award 2014 in collaboration with Pedaled and polychromelab.

Here are some pictures of the reversible cycling jacket on the Eurobike 2014 in Friedrichshafen at the Pedaled booth and the statement of the jury about the Eurobike Award.

If you are interested in the lab jacket, visit the homepage from Pedaled.