today we did a new test with a fabric development called speed – we started with celcius 15 at 1200 and ended @ plus 2 at a height of 2589.with snow  fresh conditions in july. michele

Pieps polychromelab Outdoor Winter Jacket

Pieps polychromelab Outdoor Winter Jacket for Mountain Sports

The new Pieps polychromelab Outdoor Winter Jacket for men and women is the best jacket for mountain sports in summer and in winter. This reversible outdoor winter jacket is fully windproof, waterproof, stretchable and highly breathable. We put great emphasis on quality. This Italian manufactured winter jacket is available at Pieps’ Onlineshop or in colour combinations blue-bronze, black-silver or grey-green in polychrome jackets onlineshop here.

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Hybrid Jacket Outdoor Industry Award

Polychromelab’s Hybrid Jacket Outdoor Industry Award 2012

Polychromelab’s hybrid jacket wins Outdoor Industry Award 2012. This hybrid jacket outdoor is our first jacket and will be available in spring 2013. We’re really happy about winning this prestigious award for our outdoor hybrid jacket. So let’s see what the jury says about polychromelab’s jackets:

“We were convinced by this jacket because of the hybrid concept: it is a multifunctional apparel combining functionality, comfortness, intelligent fabric creation and high quality fashioning, beeing easy on the eye at the same moment. This is why this fashionable hybrid jacket is fanciable for the growing number of urban traget groups, that consider sports not only as an extreme condition’s activity but rather as a part of their everyday lifestyle.”

So this is why the jury gave our outdoor hybrid jacket the Outdoor Industry Award 2012. If you like to know who are the winners of other categories, here’s is a detailed report on

polychromelab concept store