Waterproof Outdoor Jackets

How Do You Make Outdoor Jackets Waterproof?

Why should anybody buy an outdoor jacket that isn’t waterproof? Outdoor means to be up against wind and weather. So it is essentially that a jacket is waterproof.

As a step toward a fully high-quality product development in our own home in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis we bought a hot air machine for seamtaping. The goal of seamtaping is to waterproof the overlap of two pieces of fabric, just like a duct tape. This is of huge importance to us: Because only a jacket with waterproof fabric and waterproof seams is suitable for outdoor activities.

Using our new hot air machine for seamtaping offers two advantages: On the hand we are able to fully waterproof outdoor jackets (up to 30.000mm). On the other hand this procedure is ecologically sustainable. We don’t need any chemicals to make the seam waterproof. Our seamtape fits without any glue.

If you got interested in buying one of our home-made waterproof outdoor jackets, have a look in polychromelab concept store.

polychromelab handgemachte wasserdichte outdoorjacken

Video starring Alta Rossa multifunctional jacket

An Outdoor jacket that is prepared for anything

Demands on a multifunctional jacket are high, according to whether a user expects an outdoor jacket should be versatile to be worth the price. Real allround jackets are waterproof and windproof, keep warm, but still are highly breathable. Of course jackets that are worn in nature should be resilient and reliable. If one spends a lot of time outdoor he additionally wants a comfortable jacket.

Michele Stinco as an extreme athlete has always desired such a “true” multifunctional jacket. After hard work and years of applied research in nature and laboratories the product developer has made his dream reality and created an 3 layer laminate. The fabric is windproof and waterproof, highly breathable and keeps all its promises.

polychromelab 3 layer fabrics

The Alta Quota Outdoor jacket was the first jacket on the market, available since 2013. This year the Alta Rossa Outdoor allround jacket is our latest development. Watch Michele wearing this perfect mountaineering jacket at a summerly trailrun in the tyrolean alps:

Alta Rossa Running from polychromelab on Vimeo.

The Alta Rossa is available in our webshop.

Shepherd Matthias Aichner Alta Quota Summer – Part 1

2013 – Matthias Aichner, a shepherd from Austria, spends a summer on an alpine shieling. Up here one is always outside in nature. Alpine weather situations niggle all year long. The shepherd is only protect by a cheap wooden hut and his cloths. He has to go outside every day, even if it’s raining, snowing or winding heavily, but also when weather is pretty good.

Cattle drive up to the alpine pastures

Matthias Aichner prepares himself with good equipment before he is alone on an alpine shieling for months. He chooses polychromelab Alta Quota reversible jacket, that adapts itself perfectly to every condition. He is up to proof our statement about our jacket. Wearing every day the same jacket outside in nature could mean an absolute extreme test for any material.

Matthias Aichner starts summer with the cattle drive up to the alpine pastures. He needs a lot of experience and calmness to bring every cattle safe to top. Arriving at the shieling he is exhausted by the concetration and pull of the cattle drive up. As a reward the alps give him a sunset like it’s told in books.


The shepherd is on the shieling for some weeks yet. He has found his inner balance, even the bad weather of the first weeks couldn’t spoil his attitude. The Alta Quota reversible jacket keeps what was promised and is fully waterproof. This means a huge advantage for him, because this way he stays versatile to the weather conditions when he is outside with the cattles.

To speak again with people he has some guests over for a few days. They’re bringing him a present: good weather. We’re looking forward to what Matthias has to tell…