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Innovation in the Alps

Winter is icecold. Competion isn’t in hibernation. Fortunately our strength is the freezing cold. Exploring innovation polychromelab moved to Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis. Here we prepare our jackets for the iciness in two ways.

In the Alpine Proof Outdoor Lab on 2000 meters we’re sometimes feeling like the next ice age is coming up. We have state-of-the-art testing dummies for proofing our products against the freezing cold. This is innovation in the Alps. Read more on this in the post “Icy Innovation“.

winterjacken polychromelab innovation serfaus-fiss-ladis

Up against wind and weather, heat and cold, high UV radiation and frost isn’t enough for our approval. Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis offers a wide playground. On ski tours we’re testing our winterjackets for stretchability, at free ride skiing for insulation, at climbing for sturdiness and in town for lifestyle suitability. The team of Blog Tyrol shows what you can experience up here in 24 hours.

Innovation is our advantage. Against competition from large companies we proof polychromelab’s jackets for outdoor suitability like you really need it in the Alps.

Sewing without Needle and Thread

Winterjackets – Sewed without Needle and Thread

How do you sew a winterjacket without needle and thread? Polychromelab pursues innovative, visionary product design. Today we present to you our new ultrasonic welding machine.

Apparel manufacturers demand waterproof jackets. To do so they have to consider several things. One of them is the seam of a jacket. But how do you sew two pieces of textile together without making them permeable to water? We do this by using an ultrasonic welding procedure not using any needles and threads at all. This is something what makes a seam more waterproof. Here you’ll learn how the ultrasonic welding procedure works in detail.

wasserdichte jacken schweissen tirol produktion

We try to establish in our store TexStilKüche in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis an innovation driven product development. This way we can monitor the research process more carefully. At the moment we are manufacturing in northern Italy. Distances are short and communication is easy, but in Tyrol with product development right at home we will be able to test new ideas faster and design custom-build products.

polychromelab concept store

Founding an Apparel Comany

Founding in Tyrol – Young Economy

Competing against established apparel companies is difficult. Founding an apparel company is a thing full of risks. As we already described there are many structures in Austria which help young startups to reach a greater audience and get some helpfull advice from the more experienced. Yesterday on the day of women in ecomony hosted by the Young Economy Tyrol (German: Junge Wirtschaft Tirol) we had a chance to do so. After ORF science-buster Werner Gruber we presented reversible jackets by polychromelab. Polychromelab is like exhibit A for women in economy because Elisabeth Frey and Michele Stinco, a woman and a man, are leading the company equally.

At Founder’s Symposium – Coworking Imst

Networking and integration on a local level is of huge importance to young companies. Exactly this was the main topic last week at the Founder’s Symposium of Coworking Imst: the apparel company polychromelab amongst other young companies of the region could present themselves and get to know like-minded.

These were great events to promote polychromelab’s webshop and store. To compete against established giants of the apparel branche this events are the best weapon for startups.

Startups from Tyrol capture the world

Tiroler Tageszeitunng about Startup polychromelab

A few days ago the Austrian newspaper Tiroler Tageszeitung published an article about chances for startups from Tyrol to become more famous. In this context they mentioned polychromelab as an example – which makes us very proud. Here’s the article about startups from Tyrol:

startups aus tirol polychromelab tiroler tageszeitung

Chances for Startups from Tyrol to Become Famous

This article inspired us to compose a short list of which programmes were most helpful for polychromelab as a startup company from Tyrol:

Let’s start with the startup show 2 Minutes 2 Millions on channel Puls 4. Polychromelab hasn’t gained financial support from this TV show, but we learned one or two things. It was the first time of a broader public appearence on television, so we learned how to present key elements of the company. Anyway, Puls 4 made a great image video for us.

In Austria there is financial support from AWS for small business as well. Startups from Tyrol could apply themselves and with some luck and a solid performance they gain financial support for their label. More about polychromelab’s experiences with AWS here.

On local scale the Tyrolean Innovation Award was the most exciting one. There were various categories, in which startups from Tyrol compete against each other. On the day of the price-giving ceremony of Tyrolean Innovation Award 2014 in Innsbruck the presentation of image videos of the participating startups impressed us most.

In conclusion, there are many opportunities and chances, many challenges, a startup must stick to its guns, but in the end there is the chance that you become the prime example out of startups from Tyrol to be presented at Standortlounge in Vienna. More on this here.

startups aus tirol standortlounge wien polychromelab

High-Tech Jackets tested in extreme Outdoor Tests

Do high-tech Jackets keep their Promises?

Nowadays high-tech jackets have to stand up against nearly everything: they should be waterproof, windproof, stretchy, sturdy, hard-wearing, warming. light and looking good. Additionally one has to add to each one of these functions an attribute like “extremely, 100%, highly, maximum, optimal” to tag a high-tech jacket.  Producers make many promises, but most outdoor jackets have to work for the first time, when the customer allready has bought the jacket and is wearing it in the mountains. If a jacket shouldn’t be a 100% waterproof then, one’s smitten.

Therefore the inventor of polychromelab reversible jackets, Michele Stinco, had the idea to test jackets under extreme alpine conditions, before it is available on the market.


High-tech Jackets tested in Tyrol

This is, how an original polychromelab-jacket-extreme-test looks like in practise:

Firstly, fabrics get spaned on wooden boards. Installing sensors we detect whether the fabric is suitable for outdoor use or not.

If the fabric is ready for manufacture, we design a reversible jacket. This prototype then is worn by dummies in our alpine laboratory at the Glungezer in Tyrol. Again we install sensors. Additionally we prepare a webcam to watch the jackets day and night for some months. Here you’ll find out what kind of weather high-tech jackets have to stand in our textiles research laboratory.

Then we evaluate the collected data. This way we’re able to detect waterproofness, windproofness and breathability by the means of temperature curves, humidity measurements and so on. By visual examination we can see, if outdoor jackets have been damaged by wind and weather or at seams and skirts.

If the prototype passes this test, we send it to the textile laboratory at the University of Innsbruck, where elasticity, scrub resistance and colour intensity get scientifically proven.

But there is one last test in our polychromelab 2610 alpine lab for the prototypes: the high-tech jackets get proven at applied extreme sports tests, like trailrunning, skiing, climbing and so on. Only this way one can proof what outdoor jackets have to be suitable for.


Alpine Proof – the Future of Outdoor Gear

Prospectively the project Alpine Proof will create an alpine seal of approval for outdoor gear to award high-tech jackets, which passed tests consiting of a combination of applied and scientific examination.

A true high-tech jacket doesn’t leave somebody out in the rain alone, but protects against wind and weather like a friend. High-tech jackets by polychromelab are available in our online shop.

polychromelab concept store


Waiting for snow – skiing in Tyrol

Wearing winter jackets at skiing in Tyrol: Waiting for snow

To improve our winter jackets continously, of course, we have to test our own productions repeatedly. For a keen athlete this means: go skiing or snowboarding in that moment snow starts falling, going on a ski tour, jogging and running, a nice trailrun here and there and especially, if one likes to proof suitability for coldness of winter jackets, spending a lot of time outdoors in winter.

The problem this year is: on the one hand, temperatures are allright (meaning at the bottom of thermometer), but on the other hand, snow isn’t falling in Tyrol this year too early. For a keen athlete this means: spot weather, packing winter gear, skis, snowboards and skins for ski tours and make a camp nearby the slopes.

Fortunately, as keen athletes, we prepared ourselves for this lack of snow, so we make ourselves comfortable on camping chairs reading a good book, warmed by polychromelab’s winter jackets, and watch the snow melting.

polychromelab concept store

Follow us on facebook to learn more about, what keen athletes do in winter time in Tyrol:

Textiles innovative – textile research in new dimensions

Sports and Textiles, Research and Innovation: Tyrol innovative

Michael Hasler and Werner Nachbauer take the textiles research in Tyrol to the next level. The regions Tyrol and Vorarlberg support research projects, which investigate the synergy of textiles and man to produce gear of the future. In near future all programms will be coordinated under the name Alpine Proof.

Interesting research projects are cooperating in Tyrol and Vorarlberg. The concept from polychromelab contains to realise an alpine seal of approval to award scientifically and applied proven sports gear. Alpine Proof stands for quality, sustainability, progress and innovation and especially for products optimated for application.

More in the german article Das Netzwerk sportlicher Textilien by Ernst Spreng:

35-37_Innovation in Tirol_1410 Textilforschung Alpine Proof

More about the topic you’ll find on the homepage of the Tyrolean Innovation Day 2014 here.

If you’d like to follow Alpine Proof and textiles research in social media or want to share interesting posts with others, check out hashtags #AlpineProof and #textileresearch.


Arising of a Storm – Textiles Research Tyrol

Textiles research Tyrol: a strom over the alpine lab

From 4th to 5th November a seriously heavy storm browsed over Tyrol. At many places the storm destroyed roofes and did a lot of further damage. At the peak of Mount Glungezer nearby Innsbruck the storm was that heavy that a grown man barely could have stayed on his feet. In our high altitude laboratory for textiles research Tyrol we measured wind velocity of 264km/h.

Thanks to our webcams, which are observating the weather situations day and night, we now have a video of the weather constellation at the days before the storm and zero hour. It wasn’t the first time that a heavy storm swept across Tyrol. Here’s the video from our textiles research laboratory Tyrol at the Glungezer:

Heavy Storm 04/05 11 2014 polychromelab 2610 264km/h from polychromelab on Vimeo.

That’s how extreme weather can be in Tyrol. The snow quickly was blown away and even so for our test dummies.

The heavy damage the storm did to our lab for textiles research Tyrol also offers an advantage for us: the measurement data afford us deep insight in the behaviour of textiles and jackets under heavy conditions, so we can improove our work for the future. This exact concept led the German company Heimplanet to us: they’ve tested their tents in our alpine lab polychromelab 2610.

Do you want to witness a storm like this one yourself or just want to go for a nice hike, then visit our textiles research lab at Mount Glungezer. More information about the alpine laboratory for textiles research and our host Glungezer Hütte you’ll find here.

Outdoor Sommer 2014 mit polychromelab – Teil 1

Draußen mit einer Outdoorjacke von polychromelab

Der Sommer ist nun langsam vorüber und der Herbst klopft an die Tür. Obwohl der Sommer nicht so richtig in die Gänge gekommen ist, können wir einiges erzählen. Hier ein paar Rückblicke über diesen Frühling und Sommer.

Alles begann sehr nass, doch dank unserer umweltfreundlicher Beschichtung von HeiQ Barrier sind unsere Outdoorjacken wasserdicht ohne giftige PFCs.

outdoorjacke umweltfreundlich wasserdicht

Die ersten Sonnenstrahlen wurden dann gleich beim Bouldern ausgenutzt. Draußen mit der Roccia Rossa Designjacke.

bouldern roccia rossa outdoorjacke

Im späten Frühling gab es dann einige extreme Trailruns von Michele Stinco und Elisabeth Frey.

trailrunning outdoor jacket

Johannes Rohm flüchtet vor dem kalten Wetter in Mitteleuropa ins kalte Norwegen, um in atemberaubender Umgebung Ski zu fahren.

Dass die Alta Quota Wendejacke perfekt für Reisen rund um die Welt ist, teilen uns glückliche Kunden aus ihrem Urlaub in Hawaii auf dem Manu Kea mit.

alta quota trav

Bleib dran, denn unsere Sommerrevue geht bald weiter. Ganz wichtig, teilt die Bilder auf Facebook, Twitter, Google+ und Pinterest, damit eure Freunde auch von den Vorteilen hochwertiger, fairer Produkte erfahren. Danke :)

Bilder zum Jacken-Test Glungezer

Outdoor Jacke in der Natur am Glungezer getestet

Der Glungezer liegt in der Nähe von Hall in Tirol und ist daher perfekt für das Textilforschungs-Hochgebirgslabor von polychromelab. Am Glungezer herschen aufgrund einmaliger Lage Wetterverhältnisse wie im Himalaya. Am Glungezer Jacke zu testen, ist hilfreich für die Produktentwicklung. Die Methode der Freibewitterung simuliert Tragestunden einer Jacke in der Natur.

Polychromelab hat sich dazu entschieden Produkte nicht am Schreibtisch hinter verschlossenen Fenstern zu entwickeln, sondern angewandte Forschung zu betreiben und Textilien unter Realbedingungen zu entwerfen. Denn draußen in der Natur bekommt man direkt ein Feedback, was eine Outdoorjacke wirklich aushalten muss. Darum werden polychromelab Produkte vom Moment der Idee an immer auch in der Tiroler Natur in den Bergen getestet.

Eine richtige Bergjacke: getestet am Glungezer

Eine wahre Bergjacke wird natürlich auch in den Bergen entwickelt. Das Testlabor am Glungezer macht es uns möglich, Jacken wissenschaftlich unter realen Wetterbedingungen zu testen. Im alpinen Hochgebirgslabor am Glungezer sammeln wir Wetterdaten und Leistungsdaten der Produkte und können auf diese Weise später garantieren, dass eine Glungezer Jacke auch hält, was sie verspricht.

Willst du eine echte am Glungezer getestete Jacke kaufen, dann schau in den polychromelab concept store. Oder schau dir den ZDF Fernsehbericht Auf dem Dach Europas über polychromelab und den Glungezer hier an.