Ambition² meets polychromelab

We’re glad to present our Roccia Rossa product video, which is set to music by Ambition². The local DJ talent Ambition² was really inspired by polychromelab. Soon everything was arranged: Ambition² has chosen his song Spring to let dance the Roccia Rossa Design jacket.

More of Ambition²’s work on his Youtube Channel:

With his project Electro from Innsbruck Ambition² has made himself a name not just only in the local music scene. Dancable minimal is telling mysterious stories behind deep beats. Let us know how you like our new Roccia Rossa Preview.

polychromelab Roccia Rossa Preview from michele stinco on Vimeo.

Project Solo trailrunning jacket

Adventure with trailrunning jacket

Michele Stinco, the extreme athlete and head of polychromelab, does sports every day, to either test the functionality of our own jackets or to train himself and enjoy the beautiful nature of Tyrol.

This way he exactly knows what outdoor gear has to offer under real conditions. It’s the perfect method for him to gain a lot of ideas for the innovation of our 3-layer-laminate jackets.

He calls these Outdoor sessions Project Solo. Only on your own, one can entirely feel what makes a high quality product better than anything else. It’s like the same what is expected from a companion: reliability, quality, warranty and functionality.

To be tested now: the polychromelab Roccia Rossa trailrunning jacket. Method: trailrunning extreme plus, without mercy for the fabric. Good equipment has to stand this!

Shopping Night Hall in Tirol

Shopping Night Hall in Tirol: Celebrating One Year polychromelab Store

Everybody who likes to stop by is welcome!

Our one year celebration of our historic store in Mustergasse Hall in Tirol felt together with Hall’s Shopping Night 2014. Like last year we invited friends and fans to come and have a drink with us.

Haller Einkaufsnacht Polychromelab Einzelhandel

It was a nice evening relaxing and think of new ideas. Here are some impressions of Hall’s Shopping Night at polychromelab’s Store for jackets.

Also check out polychromelab’s Facebook page for latest updates.

Adventure in Isolation

Total isolation, just an hour away from Innsbruck. It’s always a great feeling, standing on top of a mountain, seeing powder and can’t wait to enjoy it! Luckily I’ve taken the time to take a picture.

A good euipement makes fascinating moments possible. Only high quality and long life gear is like a companion in the mountains.

polychromelab concept store

Cool Hunting | News from New York

Trend Magazine Cool Hunting about polychromelab Innovative Jackets

Are you hunting for trends? They’ve got one!

Famous trend magazine Cool Hunting caught the revolutionary jacket by polychromelab, they first thought. But at the second glimpse this innovative jacket was coloured differently. How’s that possible, they asked and that’s why Cool Hunting is writing about polychromelab’s Roccia Rossa reversible jacket.

Roccia Rossa is a designer reversible jacket, which is developed with a hybrid purpose. Design jackets aren’t always as robust and functional, for example waterproof, as they should be. So designer Michele Stinco developed a truely fashion jacket with outdoor functionality. You wonder how this is working? Well, the exact technology is our secret, but we’re give you a hint: we used a ceramic membrane, which is both breathable and waterproof.

Here’s more about Roccia Rossa designer jacket in our webshop.

Here’s the article in Cool Hunting magazine online:

Cool Hunting reversible Jacket polychromelab