Interview with Wolfgang Langeder – Part 2

About the Way from Inspiration to a Designerjacket

Wolfgang Langeder from the Austrian company Utope is a professional designer, who created the Manta Color Morph Jacket by polychromelab. Last week in part 1 of the interview he talked about his vision of creating a new kind of innovation. This week we dare to take a look deeper inside the designer’s mind.

Maximilian Frey: Why did you use polychromelab’s fabric for the Manta jacket? What did the fabric tell you holding it in your hands the first time?

Wolfgang Langeder: I find this purely functional side of polychromelabs’s fabric very interesting. This fabric is something highly innovative, and basically it is technology that makes the innovation. This agrees very well with my vision for Utope.

“I like the strong connection between polychromelab and nature, and the authenticity that originates right in the life of Lisa and Michele.”

Maximilian Frey: If you like to share your secret with us, were did you get your inspiration? Did polychromelab play a part in your decision?

Wolfgang Langeder: I like the strong connection between polychromelab and nature, and the authenticity that originates right in the life of Lisa and Michele. It was really important to me that the Manta Color Morph Jacket‘s design makes a connection to this and smoothly fits in the overall image of polychromelab.

Maximilian Frey: When you look back on designing this piece of art and on the moment you first saw the prototype, did your eyes glow?

Wolfgang Langeder: When you work on a design, you’re really “close” to the product itself and its details, and you recognise that everything fits together more unconciously. In the final phase then for the first time you have the chance to see the prototype from some distance, and I am glad that the Manta Color Morph Jacket had become such a strong and interesting piece.

Maximilian Frey: Design and fabric, interacting perfectly well. Manta Color Morph embodies the perfection of functionality and elegance. But what should we do with this? Where should we wear this special jacket?

Wolfgang Langeder: I guess that primarily there are situations in the extreme or outdoor range of use when customers wear this jacket. But additionally this jacket is a “style item”, which means that this jacket also could be worn only because of its elegance instead of its functionality.

Maximilian Frey: And what is it that one by any circumstances must not do with the Manta? When would your heart begin to hurt?

Wolfgang Langeder: I am a pragmatist, so I think the purpose of apparel is that it should be worn. Basically everyone should do everything he wants to do with the jacket.

Here you can read the first part of the interview. You can have a look on the Manta Color Morph by Utope and polychromelab here in our webshop. In this post we talked about the Manta Color Morph reversible jacket for women and men.

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News from 2610 meters

We’re very proud about our latest acquirement on 2610 meters: since a few days there’s a bike next to the torsi for  product testing. Now we have the possibility to do research on both human and textile. We will explore how materials that were exposed to alpine conditions for months will interact with workload. Hopefully we’ll get answers to the questions whether the polychromelab materials is working under the most extreme conditions and what we can improve.

Of course everybody who likes to try it out himself is welcome to do some kilometers on the bike in our alpine laboratory next to the Glungezer Hütte.

Günther Platter visits polychromelab fashionlab

Günther Platter visits polychromelab design and fashionlab in Tyrol

Günther Platter, govenor of Austrian province Tyrol visits polychromelab in our design and fashionlab in Hall in Tyrol, Mustergasse 5. He is having his election campaign 2013, we had a brief talk about innovations of Austrian startups, ski mountaineering and of course our fabric, which we engineer in our fashionlab in Tyrol, and the future we will face with our designer products.

You might be interested in this article about the fashion label UTOPE from Vienna. We work together and aim to revolutionize fashiontech and design in Austria.

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today it was time to test a new development on the top of tyrol. we had a look how resitant a light fabric is and how the reflection and absorbation capacities are. michele


The winners of the worldwide reputable iF design awards will be honoured during this night. The best of the best will receive an iF gold award for outstanding design achievements: There are 60 gold awards for the iF product design award, 30 for the iF communication design award and 5 each for the iF material design award and the iF packaging design award. This special honour will be ceremoniously presented in front of a large audience: the who’s who of the international design, media, business and political sectors.

and myself inbetween, it was a really nice reward standing with companies like apple, mercedes, bmw, toshiba, samsung or in my sector black diamond x-bionic on stage.
this is a very good step for the future of polychrom|ab. now the 3layer fabric won 7 national and intenational design awards a good and valuable base for the company
using polychrome|ab fabrics. michele