Alta Quota Andreas

Finally – One jacket for everything!
Regardless wether I am on a trail right now or on the Piazza of Torbole sipping a Cappuccino, with this reversible jacket I’ll always feel comfortable! Simply reverse is a good principle: when I turn inside out, I am prepared for mostly anything, and I have the chance to leave some article of clothing at home.
Cheers, Andreas
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1200 vertical meter powder rideable without stop. nice shoot at the entrance to sectret valley then steep and good terrain few rocks to jumps. michele


Direct Couloir Secret Spot

still cold but sunny – today it was a freeride  – a bit uphill, a bit climbing and a lot of still untouched powder – avalanche situation stable. time to do direct lines. michele


today i decided to go for a lunchbreak in my backyard.
doing the nothcouloir i paased the “belvedere” as you can see on the title, beside this it was really funny to see my big turns comparing to the traditional “tyrolian zopfmuster” as usual strong winds but whow snow. very nice lunch break michele


Really cold weather, but really good snow – today we have planned an exciting project, missed but the entrance to the steep gully. We then went further and fortunately we found safe terrain and light snow. Have fun with the pictures.