OEAV-section Hall in Tirol offers best conditions for alpinism and mountaineering in Tyrol. The mountain lodges Glungezer Hütte and Axamer Lizum host every hiker, climber and extreme athlet to guarantee a majestic view over the tyrolean alps in every season of the year.

Polychromelab wishes everybody a great holiday in Tyrol. OEAV recommends polychromelab equipement for safety and fun.


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Last Snowfall

Only one week ago one could lay in the sun in shorts here in Tyrol and today winter hits back! Freezing wind and snow on the top of the mountains: a great day for an adventure ski trip through Tyrol in the middle of spring – perfect conditions for testing our products.

polychromelab concept store

Travel upon

Travel upon writes about polychromelab jackets that regulate body temperature by physics. Read the article about advantages and applications of our hybrid jacket at


polychromelab concept store