today it was time to test a new development on the top of tyrol. we had a look how resitant a light fabric is and how the reflection and absorbation capacities are. michele

Polychromelab Wins Tyrolean Innovation Award 2012

Video of Tyrolean Innovation Award 2012

Have fun with the video of the Tyrolean Innovation Award 2012!

This is the jury’s statement:

Category: technical innovation / polychromeab, Michele Stinco, Hall in Tirol

Top material, which warms and cools by textile physics. If you are traveling in the mountains, one is often faced with short-term weatherchanges, but also with large temperature fluctuations that can sometimes be 20 or 25 degrees celsius. Who is dressed incorrectly, sweats or shivering usually very fast and raises the load on the human body. Therefore Michele Stinco has developed a reversible laminate which is, made up as a jacket, windproof, waterproof and breathable – but does temperature stabilization by cooling or warming through textile physics with membrane technology providing natural materials. Thus the jacket shifts the power limits of membranes very positively.

The jacket can – as required – be worn on both sides. By 2011, there was no single-layer jacket that must comply with these requirements and could be manufactured in series.

More information on Tyrolean Innovation Award with polychromelab here.

glungezer polychromelab2610 first steps

setup up day glungezer polychromelab2610. here the first pics where we will be min. one day a week winter and summer to work scientifically on new stuff and putting a deep view on existing things thanks to oeav hall gerald aichner and gottfried wieser. the next week we will do the material transports to bring up all the things we need. find more pics inside michele